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Butter By Keba, NYC, offers quality handcrafted and unique aromatic personal care products and moisturizing fragrances.   In the spirit of the passionate chef, we blend using the process and technique of perfumery, from the perspective of a certified aromatherapist.  We create memorable aromatic synergies using essential oils, absolutes, isolates and hybrid blends with natural, organic and phthalate-free notes such as   Frankincense, Lemongrass, Neroli, Litsea Cubeba, Lavender, Jasmine, Vetivert, with natural ingredients of pure Shea Butter, grape seed oil, rice bran oil and dead sea salt to create a line of unparalleled plant-based aromatic body care products that are exemplify luxury but are also affordable.  

Our Founder

Makeba Guilan Lloyd, a Harlem-born native  New Yorker of Southern and Guyanese descent, began her 20 year professional career as a real estate associate specializing in newly constructed condominium sales.   However, after an educational tour through Ancient Egypt, she became inspired to learn about the process of perfumery and practice of aromatherapy.  Her experience while in Ancient Khemet (Egypt) and further education of Ancient Egyptian Perfumery processes heavily influenced her development of the product line.  

Makeba pursued her curiosity in the classrooms of the New York Open Center, New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, Illuminated Perfume's School of The Lost Arts and Pratt Institute with a focus in Natural Perfumery, Aromatherapy, Classic Perfumery and Ancient Egyptian Perfumery.   She also holds continued education certification in aromatherapy for healthcare.  Makeba is a member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists, Herbalists Without Boarders and the Natural and Organic Health and Beauty Alliance (NOHBA). Ms. Lloyd is an active community member and supporter of causes near  to her heart. These include her community garden where she volunteers and contributes, as well as her commitment to paying it forward through her aromatherapy and perfumery workshop series in partnership with Harlem-based non-profit organization, Hands That Make a Difference, an anti-violence and financial literacy initiative for at-risk youth.

Makeba continues to grow her brand and community support while offering new products and services.

"I hope you take the opportunity to try every blend.  Each was designed to appeal to every nose by incorporating classic essential oils and fragrance that are familiar but  are paired to create something unique while stimulating curiosity.  We want people who use Butter By Keba to experience engaging, meaningful moments with others because they’re scent is noticed.  Our goal and mission is to bring people together through fragrance”



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