Why we break out- for the teens...and adults 11/13/11

Published November 13, 2011


Why we break out...and what we can do about it.

Clogged pores
prevent the skin from breathing while forcing oil and dirt from beneath the
skin to push its way out onto the surface, often causing apimple, white head
or black head.

Over active sebaceous glands can stimulate more
oil within the epidermal layers causing a build-up of oil beneath the skin's
surface which then pushes its way out by way of the pimple.

What are sebaceous glands?  Sebaceous glands create sebum or skin oils that
keep our skin hydrated and supple.

There are several ways these skin oil producing glands can become over
active.  For example, if our skin becomes overly dry, it will send a signal
to these glands that it needs moisture. However, our sebaceous glands don't
know how much oil to produce.  They just produce oil and can often produce
too much, causing a pimple at the same time.

If we scrub our skin too much we can irritate and stimulate our sebaceous
glands making them active when our skin simply does not need them to
be...not a very good look.

Poor Diet
A poor diet, lacking in plenty of H2O (water), fresh fruits and vegetables
and a clean digestive track, can certainly cause unnecessary break outs.
What we put in our bodies is just as important as the fly gear we put on our
bodies.  Drinking at least 8 full glasses of water per day is absolutely a
key factor in maintaining a glowing coat of skin.  For those of you who have
yet to acquire a true love for the taste of water, squeezing a little lemon
or adding a couple of drops of juice to a full water glass can add some
flavor, making water even more enjoyable to drink.  Remember, just a couple
of drops of juice in a FULL glass of

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily gives our bodies' cells the dose of
anti-oxidants they need to fight off free-radicals that can often cause all
kinds of health issues...as well as acne.

A clean digestive system is something no one likes to speak in depth
about...and we all know why.  The subject just isn't very attractive
classroom conversation.  But, it is a very important aspect to maintaining
a healthy body, as well as clear skin.  Drinking plenty of water and getting
regular exercise are ways to make sure your digestive track is working
properly and relieving itself by getting rid of waste daily.  A digestive
track that is backed up is simply jacked up...bottom line.

Too many hair and skin products

Ladies...and gents, but I'm really addressing this segment to my girls.
Please keep your beauty regimen simple, and if at all possible, natural.  I know it's hard but it is so important if you care to keep your skin clean.  I love beauty care productsjust as much as anyone...I make them for goodness sake.  But, I stick to asimple regimen for my hair and skin.  Why?  Because I know for a fact that using too many different kinds of products at once can confuse your skin's
cells causing surprise break-outs even when you're following all the 'clear
skin' rules I've listed above.  When you find a good face wash, moisturizer
and toner that you love...stick with it no matter what.  Switching up your
routine with all types of products you may have bought on sale, is simply a
no-no.  This rule also applies to hair care products.  A clean head of hair
is a clean coat of skin's best friend.

Keeping your skin clean

Now I shouldn't have to remind all of you how important it
is to wash your face every morning before leaving the house and after returning home before going to bed.  However, just in case some of you fabulous folks are just wiping the buggers out the corners of your eyes...please take it to the next level by adding water and face wash.  And, for those who have yet to add the face washing routine to your nightly regiment before hitting the sheets... please do.  Our bodies pick up all kinds of toxins, dirt and muck throughout the course of the day and our facial skin gets the brunt of it all.

Oh, and just two last skin cleaning tips.  #1- Unless you have the luxury of
a fresh hand towel for every face wash try drying your skin with paper towels or tissue.  #2 - Change your pillow cases at least once a week. Bacteria can build up in over used hand towels and pillow cases, which can
also cause break-outs.


I can not stress this tip enough even though I myself have a hard time following it.  If you become a victim of an unfortunate break-out, please do not
pick at it.  Do not squeeze it, do not press it...do not touch it!  Simply wash your face, follow-up with toner, lightly moisturize or apply a small amount of your favorite acne cream and leave it alone.  A pimple needs no help from your figures.  It will eventually dry up on its own...trust me!

Manage and Reduce Stress

During these times we can all find so many reasons to be stressed out.  But,
it is to our benefit to shy away from stress whenever we can.  The best way
to do this is to incorporate more preparation in our daily routines so
that we are not handling our daily tasks in a rush and under the gun.  When
you receive a huge homework assignment, start your research right away.
Don't wait until the last minute.  Even if you don't begin putting the
assignment together until a week before it is due, prepare your research
materials early so that you at least know where your information is coming
from.  This can make finishing the assignment a whole lot easier and
less stressful.

If you've fallen in love with a special someone who has just broken your
heart?  Breath...take big deep breaths as much as possible, whether you have a broken heart or not.  Deep breathing will balance your emotional state and make getting over the person a bit easier. Writing down your feelings in a personal journal will help as well.  I have learned all of these tips over
the course of my young adult life and I am sharing them with you because I
know how important having a clear complexion can boost confidence and build
self-esteem.  If only I knew half of these things, I would have saved tons of
money and time in the mirror.

To those of you who are struggling with acne...I feel your pain and
understand your frustration.  My suggestion to you first and foremost is to
change your diet, eat healthy.  It may or may not work right away but it will certainly make you feel better and feeling good is always good for the
skin.  Second, try natural products with little or no chemicals.  Over my 15
years of battling sporadic acne, I tried everything under the sun, including
Acutane, Retinol-A, microdermabrasion, and a host of chemically based
topical solutions.  Very few of them worked, the rest were just too
expensive to keep up with.  It was when I began my learning career and
experimentation with natural essential oils and aromatherapy that my skin
began to clear.   But, most importantly changing my diet, eliminating a lot of sugar and diary was key.   I hope these tips are useful to someone.

Until later.

Keep your skin



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