Best Maintenance + Restoration tips for your natural body butters

Published October 2019 on

Has your butter weathered the season?   I recently found an unopened jar of body butter at my Mom’s that she had for about a year.  It was very grainy but still smelled amazing.     

What did I do?  

I carefully  melted it in the microwave on low for 30-40 seconds, gave it a little stir, let it cool and placed in the refrigerator until it became solid again.

It amazes me how quickly it returned back to the smooth creamy consistency it is supposed to be!

Our body butters consist of 4 ingredients 

- shea butter

- grape seed oil 

-rice brain oil

-candelilla wax

All plant based ingredients that promote sheen, softens, elasticity and anti- aging. 

If you purchased a body butter in the last year that has changed in form please try this technique.  It’s the way to care for your natural body butter by Keba. :-)

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Jude W.